{Frequently Asked Questions}


Here is a list of some of my most frequently asked qustions.

If you have a question that is NOT listed here, please send me a message on my Contacts page

Do you do anything other than sweets?

I sure do! If you are interested in having a catered event, in-home class or weekly meal prep, please send me a message for quotes on my personal chef services or check out my personal chef site; Eclectic Culinarian

Do you deliver your cakes, cupcakes, etc?

I offer delivery services depending on availability. All deliveries have a 25¢/mile fee. Please see Policies page for more info.

Why should I buy homemade when I can just get baked items from the grocery store?

Homemade baked goods will taste better 99.9% of the time. Homemade also allows you to control the choice of ingredients. If you or a family member has an allergy, it may be difficult to find a store-bought cake that doesn't include certain ingredients. It also allows you to adjust flavors to your taste in a way that is impossible with store-bought cakes. Store bought cakes, especially ones that have been frozen for months at a time in most cases, have little taste, and in fact often taste plain bad. The beautiful texture of cake is destroyed by freezing, whether Sara Lee does it or I do...frozen then thawed frosting? No thanks! Store-bought cakes are also less personal than a homemade cake; if a cake were to be made specially for a person rather than just bought at a store, it carries much more sentimental value. If you're usually a store buyer, let me change your mind with one of my delicious recipes!

Your stuff is beautiful, but does it taste good too?

I make all of my cakes, cookies, pastries, icings, buttercream, fondant and decorations from scratch. That means I'm baking them when you order them — no frozen products here! I only use fresh ingredients, including real butter, milk, flour, sugar and eggs! The fondant I use is soft and has the consistency of a marshmallow. If you'd like samples before making a large order, please contact me.

Do you do custom flavors?

Everything is made to order, so if you have a flavor in mind, let me know and I’ll do everything I can to make it for you! Some of my unique cake flavors are listed on the Flavors page.

How can I order a cake, cupcakes or any other items?

I take orders for my cookies, cakepops and shorties and supplies here. To order a custom cake or cupcakes, please visit my Order page

Can I supply my own cake/cookie design ideas?

Yes absolutely! It’s important that we work together to incorporate your style and tastes into your order. I work individually with each client to ensure your cake, cupcakes, cookies or pastries are tailored for your event. For design inspiration, I encourage you to check out my portfolio or pinterest page.

How far in advance should I place my order?

I’d like as much lead-time as possible…but if you have a short notice order, ask me, and I’ll try to get it done for you! Remember rush orders (less than a week notice) will have a rush fee of $20 added. I ask that you give me at least 2 to 3 weeks notice on specialty orders. Cakes are always based off availability and summer/holiday months book up fast, so plan ahead!

What can I order if I have an allergy?

I do my best to accommodate allergies by separating the order from others and sanitizing the equipment and tools used for the order. Please let me know of any specific allergies when ordering. While I am more than happy to accommodate dietary requests - I do not run an allergen-free facility and some ingredients do not come from allergen-free facilities. Please consume at your own risk.

Do you have a retail store where I can walk in and purchase a cake, cookies, etc?

No, I am an online only baker and do not carry any products on hand. I am however taking donations to fund my storefront endeavors here if you'd like to contribute

What is required when I'm ready to order?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all orders. Orders also can be paid in full when you place the order. Full payment is due 1 week before pick-up or delivery. I accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover cards via PayPal. Sorry, no personal checks.

What if I need to cancel?

I have a 72 hour (3 days) cancellation policy for basic orders and a 1 week cancellation policy for custom orders. You must speak directly with me or email for a cancellation to be processed. If the cancellation is done via email, you will receive a cancellation confirmation email. If confirmation is not received within 24 hours from the time you sent your cancellation request, YOU MUST CALL ME to confirm that I got your email. I cannot refund the deposit due to the time spent and materials purchased for your order. I do not issue refunds for orders cancelled in less than the 3 day/1 week timeframes mentioned above, or for items that are not picked up. No-shows are responsible to pay the balance due. If you have not paid in full for your order and cancel in less than the 3 day/1 week timeframes given, you will be responsible to pay the remaining balance due.