My main goal is to create amazing cakes that taste as good as they look and that’s why the cake flavors that I offer are all baked from quality ingredients, torted into 4 layers per tier, and then filled with delicious ganache or a filling in a complimentary flavor.


Each tier on your cake can be a different flavor. Fillings can also be mixed and matched depending on your taste.

Sometimes you want traditional, sometimes you want crazy!


Here, you have a ton of flavor choices!

{Popular Flavors}

Pure and Simple

Heavenly vanilla cake with a clean, simple vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Dream

Rich chocolate cake with an exquisite double chocolate buttercream

Birthday Cake

Vanilla or chocolate cake with confetti sprinkles baked inside

Luscious Lemon

Brightly flavored lemon cake with lemon buttercream

Red Velvet

Classic red velvet with a luscious cream cheese frosting

Pound Cake

Variations done in 7up, lemon, vanilla, or any other creation you can think up!

Topped with a silky sugar glaze

German Chocolate

Traditional German chocolate recipe with a delicious pecan coconut glaze

I Do

Vanilla/Almond cake filled with vanilla mousse and slivered almonds. Topped with luscious vanilla buttercream


Decadent chocolate cake. Topped with luscious vanilla buttercream

Reversed Tuxedo

Heavenly vanilla cake topped with a deep, rich chocolate buttercream

{Eclectic Flavors*}

S'mores- Chocolate cake filled with marshmallow creme, caramel mousse and crushed  graham crackers. Drizzled with rich chocolate ganache


Tropical Dream- Coconut cake filled with crushed pineapples, mango, kiwi and coconut mousse. Topped with light coconut buttercream


Raspberry Siracha- Cinnamon sugar cake filled with raspberry siracha jam, raspberry siracha glaze and topped with raspberry siracha buttercream


Chocolate Turtle- Chocolate cake filled with caramel sauce, toasted pecans and drizzled with chocolate ganache. Topped with caramel buttercream 


Cinnamon Cardamom-Cinnamon cardamom cake filled with maple mousse. Topped with maple pecan buttercream


Honey Miso- Miso flavored cake with ginger honey mousse. Topped with miso caramel buttercream


Coconut Curry- Coconut cake filled with toasted coconut flakes. Topped with cinnamon curry buttercream


Chocolate Covered Cherry- Chocolate cake filled with macerated cherries, chocolate chips and chocolate cherry mousse. Topped with chocolate ganache buttercream 


Pie in a Cake- Your favorite pie flavor in cake form! Cinnamon sugar cake filled with either apple, cherry, blueberry or strawberry filling and whipped cream. Garnished with cinnamon pie crust pieces. Topped with fluffy whipped cream frosting.


Chocolate Peanut Butter- Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter mousse and chocolate chips. Covered with chocolate peanut butter buttercream


Caffeine Craving- Coffee cake filled with espresso mousse and espresso buttercream


Carrot Crunch- Moist carrot cake filled with pecan brittle clusters. Covered with five spice cinnamon buttercream


Chocolate Covered Strawberry- Chocolate cake filled with macerated strawberries, chocolate chips and chocolate strawberry mousse. Topped with chocolate ganache buttercream


Minty Fresh- Chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip buttercream


Autumn Adventure- Spice cake filled with caramel mousse, cinnamon apples and drizzled with caramel ganache. Topped with spiced cream cheese frosting


Zen- Green tea cake filled with miso mousse. Topped with honey five spice cream cheese frosting


Strawberry Shortcake- Vanilla and Strawberry cakes, layered and filled with macerated strawberries, strawberry mousse and white chocolate ganache. Topped with strawberry shortcake crunch and fresh strawberries atop fluffy whipped cream frosting


Rainbow Bright- Vanilla cake colored with every color of the rainbow. Bright and funky. Filled and topped with vanilla buttercream

Southern Comfort- Banana cake filled with sliced bananas, nilla wafers and banana pudding. Adorned with banana pudding crunch and topped with banana chips

{Adult Flavors*}

Long Island Dream

Sweet tea vodka infused cake filled with rum spiced lemon curd. Topped with a cola/tequila drizzle



Orange, passion fruit, rum cake filled with grenadine lemon curd. Drizzled with passion fruit syrup. Topped with cherry rum buttercream



Cranberry scented vanilla cake filled with vodka infused cranberries. Topped with mint scented cranberry vodka buttercream


Jack and Coke

Jack Daniels infused cake filled with cola mousse. Topped with whiskey cream cheese frosting


Wine & Chocolate

Decadent red wine infused chocolate cake filled with red wine chocolate ganache. Topped with dark chocolate buttercream


Beer Before Liquor

Beer infused vanilla cake filled with beer caramel and lime mousse. Topped with beer lime cream cheese frosting


Piña Colada

Pineapple cake filled with coconut rum mousse and sliced pineapples. Topped with rum pineapple coconut milk buttercream

Custom Flavors Always Available

Let's come up with something unique together!

*Specialty Flavors available at additional cost