I take pride in the fact that I bake to order - everything is baked fresh just for you!

At least two weeks notice is REQUIRED for orders and 

many weekends require 2-6 weeks notice.

50% non-refundable deposit is required on all orders not paid in full.

{Just a Note}

I specialize in custom cakes and baked goods of all kinds.

My creations are not your average bakery, grocery store or discount warehouse club items.

All of my work is hand-crafted and customized to your specific request. 

Each creation is baked fresh for your special order, unlike some locations. 


I am a classically trained chef and a licensed home baker,

so you can be sure you're going to get a high quality, high-end product!


Cakes are priced on a per cake basis. 

There is a $50.00 minimum on all cake orders. 


There are many costs involved in creating your special cake including:

–cake boards

–cake boxes

–dowels and other supports

–various types of food coloring agents

–the cost of the fine ingredients in the cake, frosting, and fondant; which can be expensive

–time and labor

which is why most custom cake bakers like myself, charge the rates we charge.

You will be getting a one of a kind, unique, hand-crafted work of edible art.

Prices for all 3D, sculpted cakes start at $120.00, regardless of serving size,

due to the cost of materials used and hours of work they take to create. 


Sales tax is also added to the final price as well as a delivery fee, if applicable.


If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to contact me or see the FAQ page.

Base Pricing
There is a $50 minimum on cake orders, no matter the serving size.
3D cakes have a base price of $120, regardless of size.


Individually Priced:

Elaborate Piping

Sugar Flowers



Custom cakes require consultation time,

design sketching/approval, and paperwork.

All which increase the time/labor necessary for the cake to be completed.

Please keep that in mind when ordering.


50 serving minimum required

-Cakes with support structures/special effects/ movable parts have additional costs.

Please inquire for more info.

3D Sculpted

Starting at $120

-Cakes with support structures/special effects/ movable parts have additional costs.

Please inquire for more info.

Sheet Cakes

1/4 sheet (serves 28): $45

1/2 sheet (serves 40): $95

Full sheet (serves 108): $200


Simple/ Minimal Piping/ Minimal Decoration

– Fondant covering and Additional details cost extra.

Please inquire for more info.